Oil/Gas drilling has become “unconventional.”

What is “fracking” ?  How does it affect you? 

THE LATEST: Much of the toxic radioactive waste from fracking comes from other states and is being trucked to Ohio and injected into the ground beneath our feet and spread onto our landfills, which eventually leach these toxins and radioactive materials into ground water.

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by Tish O’Dell, Ohio Community Organizer


OHIO, October 28,  2014: A record number of Community Bills of Rights citizens’ initiatives banning shale gas drilling and fracking are on the ballot in Ohio municipalities this November 4th.

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) drafted each of the rights-based initiatives for Athens, Youngstown, Gates Mills, and Kent. Residents requested CELDF’s assistance to protect themselves from fracking and related activities, such as fracking wastewater injection wells, as both entered the state several years ago.


Since 2012, Ohio communities have been protecting themselves from fracking through CELDF-drafted Community Bills of Rights. Yellow Springs, Mansfield, Oberlin, and Broadview Heights adopted Community Bills of Rights in the last two years. These local laws codify community rights to self-governance and a healthy environment, and the rights of nature to exist and flourish – while prohibiting frack activities as a violation of those rights.


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Gastar Plans River Drilling

W.Va. identifies company as the highest bidder

October 25, 2014
By CASEY JUNKINS Staff Writer , The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

WHEELING – Because his company spent more than $500 million while successfully fracking 64 Marcellus and Utica shale wells in Marshall County, Mike McCown believes Gastar Exploration can extract natural gas from beneath the Ohio River.

On Friday, McCown, chief operating officer for Gastar, and West Virginia Deputy Secretary of Commerce Joshua Jarrell said the Houston, Texas-based firm is the highest bidder for a 232-acre tract underlying the river at the border of Marshall and Wetzel counties.

“We are still negotiating the final contract,” Jarrell said. “We have identified Gastar as the successful bidder, but we are still working out the lease.”

Article Photos

Photo by Casey Junkins
Gastar Exploration Chief Operating Officer Mike McCown said Friday his company is finalizing a lease deal with the West Virginia Department of Commerce to drill for natural gas on 232 acres of state-owned property beneath the Ohio River at the border of Marshall and Wetzel counties. 

The financial terms for Gastar’s bid call for the company to pay the state $3,500 per acre with 20 percent worth of production royalties. This means the company will pay West Virginia $812,000 for the drilling rights, while the royalties would go to the state once gas starts pumping.

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This Wind Turbine Is Bringing Clean Energy to New Heights

This Wind Turbine Is Bringing Clean Energy to New Heights

Written by Lorraine Chow

Wind turbines are found on land and sea, but now there’s a new type on the horizon that can tap energy thousands of feet in the air.

As the video below explains, the helium-filled Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) is capable of producing twice the amount of energy of an ordinary turbine because it feeds off the stronger, faster and more consistent winds of higher altitudes. Cables tethered to the machine then send the generated wind energy back to a base station.

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Massive Dumping of Fracking Wastewater into Aquifers Shows Big Oil’s Power in California

OCTOBER 15, 2014

california-fracked-315x288By Dan Bacher

As the oil industry spent record amounts on lobbying in Sacramento and made record profits, documents obtained by the Center for Biological Diversity reveal that almost 3 billion gallons of oil industry wastewater were illegally dumped into Central California aquifers that supply drinking water and irrigation water for farms.

The Center said the wastewater entered the aquifers through at least nine injection disposal wells used by the oil industry to dispose of waste contaminated with fracking (hydraulic fracturing) fluids and other pollutants.

The documents also reveal that Central Valley Regional Water Quality Board testing found high levels of arsenic, thallium and nitrates, contaminants sometimes found in oil industry wastewater, in water-supply wells near these waste-disposal operations.

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Pinkwashing: Fracking Company Teams Up With Susan G. Komen to ‘End Breast Cancer Forever’

 | October 8, 2014 8:37 am

ssteingraberbwWhat do you get when you cross a breast cancer charity with a frack job?

The answer is the image below, which, as I am writing, is going epidemically viral.


It’s hard to stop staring in utter baffled amazement. Is it some kind of … phallic cyborg?

The opening scene of a yet another sequel to Tremors? (Kevin Bacon! Nevada! Subterranean, worm-like, cross-dressing graboid!)

A sex toy from hell?

In fact, it’s all these things and more. Susan G. Komen, the largest breast cancer organization in America with more than 100,000 volunteers and partnerships in more than 50 countries, has teamed up with Baker Hughes, one of the world’s largest oilfield service companies with employees in more than 80 countries. Susan G. Komen hands out pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness, and Baker Hughes fracks. So, there you have it: a pink, fracking, drill head.

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More than 400,000 people packed Manhattan for the People’s Climate March last month.  This is surely a sign that the anti-hydrocarbon movement is growing and strengthening.


100-Percent Renewable Energy

Brandon Baker

Remember Mark Jacobson, the Stanford University Professor who during a Late Show With David Letterman appearance said we already have enough wind to power the entire world “seven times over?”

That wasn’t hyperbole—Jacobson believes it and his team at the Solutions Project has unveiled a 50-state plan on how the U.S. could shed itself from oil, coal and nuclear sources. It comes in the form of a large, interactive map that provides a plan and projection for each state when you click on it.Here are a few examples of what the map has to offer:

“The new roadmap is designed to provide each state a first step toward a renewable future,” said Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford. “It provides all of the basic information, such as how many wind turbines and solar panels would be needed to power each state, how much land area would be required, what would be the cost and cost savings, how many jobs would be created, how much pollution-related mortality and global-warming emissions would be avoided.”

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Wind, Water Solar – Preliminary Outline of Plan for Ohio Features Relatively Short Payback Time

Visit The Solutions Project Web Site to get a look at the outline of the WWS Plan for Ohio at: www.thesolutionsproject.org

AND, Watch the amazing presentation by Professor Jacobson in the sidebar widget to the right.


Well casing failure can contaminate groundwater

View Dr. Ingraffea’s Newest Video on Shale Gas & Climate Change

 View Dr. Ingraffea’s Study on Fluid Migration in Marcellus Shale

Dr. Ingraffea’s General Recommendations on Fracking:

Where fracking is not yet occurring, it should be banned, and the use of all hydrocarbon fuels should be reduced as fast as possible.  Also, the use of renewable, non-hydrocarbon fuels should be vastly accelerated.


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