Oil/Gas drilling has become “unconventional.”

What is “fracking” ?  How does it affect you? 

Much of the toxic radioactive waste from fracking comes from other states and is being injected into the ground beneath our feet and spread onto our landfills, which eventually leach these toxins and radioactive materials into ground water.  This site is meant to be a resource to help you understand why fracking should be banned and to help you make informed decisions for yourself, decisions about how to help protect your community.  Visit here often to keep up on legislative changes, industry positions, current news article and more…


Frack Trucker Kills Boy on Bike. Same Frackers Videod Dumping


That’s right, the same frack truck company – 3 Star Daylighting –  that was caught on a video earlier this week dumping frackwaste on a Fort Worth freeway - ran over a boy last August while driving to a Chesapeake frack site. The frack truck driver said he didn’t know he hit the boy. Right. Boy’s name was Deston Bibbs. Add him to the List of the Harmed.

How much of this fracking nonsense do you want in your town, your state, your country ? 

Frack Trucker Kills 14 Year Old Boy in Ft Worth

Deston Bibbs 1



FORT WORTH — Investigators believe a fracking wastewater truck fatally struck a teenage bike rider in far south Fort Worth in April and have concluded there is no evidence that the driver knew what happened, police reported this week.

Deston Bibbs, 14, died at 11:15 a.m.  at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, the Tarrant County medical examiner reported.

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‘Don’t Waste Ohio’ Coalition Says No to Fracking Wastewater Injection Wells

Food & Water Watch | April 3, 2014 8:34 am | Comments

A coalition of local, statewide and national groups concerned about toxic waste fromfracking, gathered yesterday at the Ohio statehouse for “Don’t Waste Ohio” Legislator Accountability Day. The coalition called for an end to Ohio being used as a regional dumping ground for oil and gas waste. Participants attending the accountability day met with their legislators in the morning and attended a rally in the afternoon advocating for the passage of legislation in both the House and Senate that would ban fracking wastewater injection wells.

In 2012, the City of Cincinnati banned facking wastewater injection wells within city limits. Following the unanimous vote on the ordinance, residents called on State Rep. Denise Driehaus (D-Cincinnati) to take action on the state level. Along with fellow co-sponsor Rep. Robert Hagan (D-Youngstown), Rep. Driehaus introduced House Bill 148, which would enact a statewide ban on the underground injection of fracking waste. Sen. Michael Skindell (D-Lakewood) followed suit by introducing the same legislation in the Senate.

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Fracking Exports Will Leave U.S. Communities in the Dark

Wenonah Hauter and Mark Ruffalo
 | April 2, 2014 5:26 pm | Comments

whautermruffaloLast month, thirty Senate Democrats—members of the “climate caucus”—stayed Up All Night on the Senate floor to speak out about climate change. This was an important moment to highlight the most critical environmental issue of our time. What was not mentioned however, was the massive threat to our planet posed by exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) extracted through the increasingly controversial process known as fracking. Yet legislation authored by one of their own—Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) and a House bill by Congressman Cory Gardner (R-CO), would tear down barriers to the export of LNG, potentially spurring a massive increase in fracking, exacerbating the problems the senators spoke out against.


Ever since the crisis in Ukraine erupted, the oil and gas industry and its friends in Congress have been pushing exports of gas. While many justifications have been offered to explain this push for LNG exports, in reality, this has nothing to do with lofty foreign policy objectives and everything to do with the oil and gas industry using a crisis to ram its agenda through Congress—shock doctrine style. It calls to mind the Bush Administration’s use of the tragedies of Sept. 11 to justify invading Iraq, and the Obama administration’s use of the mortgage crisis to bail out the financial sector.

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Stanford Professor’s 50-State Plan For

100-Percent Renewable Energy

Brandon Baker | February 19, 2014 11:22 am

Remember Mark Jacobson, the Stanford University Professor who during a Late Show With David Letterman appearance said we already have enough wind to power the entire world “seven times over?”

That wasn’t hyperbole—Jacobson believes it and his team at the Solutions Project has unveiled a 50-state plan on how the U.S. could shed itself from oil, coal and nuclear sources. It comes in the form of a large, interactive map that provides a plan and projection for each state when you click on it.Here are a few examples of what the map has to offer:

“The new roadmap is designed to provide each state a first step toward a renewable future,” said Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford. “It provides all of the basic information, such as how many wind turbines and solar panels would be needed to power each state, how much land area would be required, what would be the cost and cost savings, how many jobs would be created, how much pollution-related mortality and global-warming emissions would be avoided.”

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Wind, Water Solar – Preliminary Outline of Plan for Ohio Features Relatively Short Payback Time

Visit The Solutions Project Web Site to get a look at the outline of the WWS Plan for Ohio at: www.thesolutionsproject.org

AND, Watch the amazing presentation by Professor Jacobson in the sidebar widget to the right.


Panel at Roaming Shores Presents Comprehensive overview of Fracking:

http://vimeo.com/77556713 – Legal, Financial Aspects & Leasing

http://vimeo.com/77509341 – The Technology & Its Risks

http://vimeo.com/77623730 - Health Impacts of Fracking

http://vimeo.com/77647012 - Truck Traffic & Road Impacts

http://vimeo.com/77759379 - Communities Organizing to Protect Themselves


Well casing failure can contaminate groundwater

View Dr. Ingraffea’s Newest Video on Shale Gas & Climate Change

 View Dr. Ingraffea’s Study on Fluid Migration in Marcellus Shale

Dr. Ingraffea’s General Recommendations on Fracking:

Where fracking is not yet occurring, it should be banned, and the use of all hydrocarbon fuels should be reduced as fast as possible.  Also, the use of renewable, non-hydrocarbon fuels should be vastly accelerated.


Gas Well Policy Guidelines for Key Bank

Click for Higher Resolution (Photo courtesy of Pete Maizitis)

  • NO mortgages will be written on properties that have a Gas Well.
  • Key Bank can deny mortgage underwriting to homeowners whose properties are within 600 feet of a gas well.
  • No mortgages will be written on properties which have gas leases attached to them.
  • Property owner/gas rights lesser and gas companies can be held liable for damages.



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