Medina County Fracking Meeting

Sep 15, 2011 – 7:00 pm
Medina County Administration Building Auditorium
144 N. Broadway St.
Medina, Ohio    (Directions)


When: September 15, 2011 at 7 p.m.

Where: Medina County Administration Building Auditorium, 144 N. Broadway St., Medina.

Contact: For information call 330-334-8107

A community meeting about drilling for natural gas and hydrofracturing is planned in Medina County on September 15, 2011 at 7 p.m. at the Medina County Administration Building Auditorium, 144 N. Broadway St., Medina.

The topic is Learn About The Potential Benefits & Risks Regarding The New Type of Horizontal Shale Drilling (FRACKING). Get The Facts On Protective Leases. The meeting is being organized by concerned local citizens who decided not to lease their land for hydraulic fracturing. Speakers will be from the legal community as well as other official representatives.

Frack Trucker Kills 14 Year Old Boy in Ft Worth


Frack Trucker Kills Boy on Bike. Same Frackers Videod Dumping


That’s right, the same frack truck company – 3 Star Daylighting –  that was caught on a video earlier this week dumping frackwaste on a Fort Worth freeway - ran over a boy last August while driving to a Chesapeake frack site. The frack truck driver said he didn’t know he hit the boy. Right. Boy’s name was Deston Bibbs. Add him to the List of the Harmed.

FORT WORTH — Investigators believe a fracking wastewater truck fatally struck a teenage bike rider in far south Fort Worth in April and have concluded there is no evidence that the driver knew what happened, police reported this week.

Deston Bibbs, 14, died at 11:15 a.m.  at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, the Tarrant County medical examiner reported.

Deston was hit while riding a bike about 9:20 p.m. at the intersection of Sycamore School and Crowley roads.

At first, detectives in the police traffic investigation unit did not know who struck the boy because the driver did not stop and no witnesses came forward.

But, based on video taken by a red-light camera at the intersection, they narrowed the possibilities to an 18-wheeler belonging to frack waste hauler 3-Star Daylighting. 

Matt Barton, safety manager for 3-Star Daylighting, said the company would have no comment.

The findings were described in a “summary” released Thursday by police. The detective who wrote the summary was not identified.

The findings describe how police viewed video taken by security cameras at nearby businesses. But none showed the collision, though detectives got a break with video from a red-light camera.

“Several vehicles can be seen making the right turn without any pause or hesitation,” the detective said in the summary.“Approximately halfway through the video, an 18-wheeler (commonly referred to as a ‘frack truck’) can be seen making the right turn to head southbound on South Crowley Road.”

About 40 seconds later, a woman can be seen parking her car to “investigate what she thought was a wheelchair left in the roadway,” the detective wrote.

“She soon realized that it was a young child and she immediately called 911 and attempted to get help from the nearby vehicles,” the detective said.

The Fort Worth chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a national civil rights group, publicly objected to the findings early Saturday morning.

“We believe the only way the driver could not have known he ran over a child on a bike was because he was not paying attention,” Rev. Kyev Tatum, the group’s president, said in a statement.

“Negligence is not an excuse to kill a child.”

The group wants the truck driver’s name and driving history to be released.

“We are left with more questions than answers. We are requesting an independent federal investigation,” Tatum said.

Chesapeake Energy has a gas well site in the 3600 block of Sycamore School Road. Investigators learned that it “was serviced that night by ‘3-Star Daylighting LP’ Trucking company.”

“Upon seeing the 18-wheeler, and comparing the tire tread marks left on the clothing of Mr. Bibbs, it was immediately apparent that the tire tread matched the clothing marks,” the detective wrote.

Investigators believe that Bibbs had been riding east through a field parallel to Sycamore School road. The truck, also eastbound, was in the far right lane preparing to turn south onto Crowley Road.

As the teen attempted to turn north onto Crowley Road, the truck was turning south, according to the summary.

The truck hit Deston, “knocking him down and then driving over his body,” according to the detective.

The summary stated, the detective questioned the driver who said he was “unaware” that he had hit anything and “provided a written statement stating as much.”

Deston was a seventh-grader at H.F. Stevens Middle School in Crowley, according to his obituary. 

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