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Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets – An August 2011 Common Cause report on Campaign Contributions.

“In the US, a faction of the natural gas industry has invested more than $747 million as part of a 10-year lobbying and political spending campaign to persuade federal authorities to ignore the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” a rapidly expanding but poorly regulated method of tapping gas reserves.

In Ohio, companies engaged in fracking contributed $2.8 million to state candidates, political committees, and parties from 2001 through June 2011, helping the natural gas industry preserve what are some of the nation’s most lenient fracking regulations.

The state also keeps a loose rein, at best, on lobbying. Any attempt to track political spending by the natural gas industry in Ohio is hampered by the fact that the state’s lobbying law does not require disclosure of payments to lobbyists, traditionally the largest portion of lobbying expenditures. According to a 2011 Common Cause study, states that do not require lobbyists to disclose their compensation may be tracking only 10% or less of total lobbying expenditures.19 Ohio lobbyists reported spending only $407,322 in 2009. In Pennsylvania, which has a slightly larger population but a much stronger lobbying law, lobbyists reported spending $470 million in 2009, or more than 100 times as much.”

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A downloadable spreadsheet with even more Ohio legislators and the contributions they’ve received form the oil and gas industry. (Download and View as an XLSX)


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