ODNR Laws, Database, Violations

ODNR Laws, Database, and Violations

Ohio Oil and Gas Law and Rules

The following site shows the law governing oil and gas: Ohio Revised Code, 1509


The following site shows the rules governing oil and gas: Ohio Administrative Code, 1501.9, especially 1509.9-1


The following site shows the law SB 165, that was passed in 2010, which was an update to oil and gas law and is now incorporated into 1509. It is instructive, as you can see the changes and deletions from the previous law. Note – it does not include all of the sections of 1509, only those that were modified.



ODNR Oil and Gas Database

The ODNR oil and gas database  can be found at the following site. There are instructions on this page.


Additionally, the following are instructions we’ve developed for two of the most common requests:

To find information about a new application that has been filed with ODNR, use the following instructions. When an application has been filed, city, village or township representative(s) can be present when / if the inspector visits the site. Elected officials and residents can register comments with the ODNR permit manager, Mike McCormac, mike.mccormac@dnr.state.oh.us

(How to find New ApplicationsDownload as a DOC)

To look up the production of an existing well (or to determine if it has not produced) use the following instruction sheet. Note – if a well has not been producing for several years, the company must plug all non-producing wells before it is granted a new permit. ODNR may not strictly enforce this provision of the law, so if you have concerns about a well near you, check the production of all the company’s existing wells.

(Instructions for using Oil and Gas Database – ProductionDownload as a DOC)

A PowerPoint presentation on how to use ONDR’s Oil and Gas Well Database:


ODNR – Marcellus and Utica Shale Wells – Permitted, Drilled, Producing

(Downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet)

Found on the website:http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/geosurvey/tabid/23014/Default.aspx

And click on the appropriate link:


ODNR Rules Lacking

ODNR has the discretion to significantly improve the rules that govern oil and gas drilling practices to better protect the citizens. So far, it has chosen not to do so.

(Download or view as a PDF)


ODNR Public Records Request Guidelines

Please address all requests to Beth.Wilson@dnr.state.oh.us

Read the following guidelines and be empowered. You are allowed unfettered access to their records.

(Download or view as a PDF)


ODNR Violations

The following are the links to the last three years of violations (compliance notices), as reported from ODNR:




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