Spraying Fracking Brine on Roads

It is legal to spread fracking brine on the roads in Ohio! Is your community spreading this potentially toxic fluid on your roads? If so, press local officials to repeal the resolution.

Section 1509.226 of the Ohio Revised Code allows political subdivisions (counties, cities, towns, villages and townships) to authorize brine spraying on local roads for dust and ice control purposes. However, under ORC Section 1509.226, political subdivisions must pass an authorizing resolution before any brine spraying can occur. We strongly encourage concerned citizens to press their local governing bodies to repeal any brine application resolutions that are currently on the books.

See if your community allows fracking brine on your roads:

List of Political Subdivisions that allow fracking brine on roads: http://bit.ly/skz6ra

Private companies are also allowed to spray fracking brine on the roads. See if they may do so in your county. This is an additional, unfinished list. The information contained in this list is additional to, and not contained in, the above political subdivisions list. This corporate list is comprehensive through Licking County, but ends there. BFC will make the complete corporate list available as soon as we receive it. Please refer to the link below for the incomplete version.

Corporate Brine Applications: http://bit.ly/vK05hf

Thanks to Buckeye Forest Council for obtaining the lists and sending out the alert.

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