These documents together constitute a toolkit for organizing around local strategies to address the threats of fracking:

1. Educate your neighbors to keep as many people as possible from signing leases;

2. Work with your local elected leaders to implement ordinances or resolutions to say “NO” to fracking; and

3. Work with your local elected leaders to take back local control over zoning with legal challenges.

The toolkit can be printed as a whole and used to organize your community around these three strategies. Or, the documents can be used individually.

1000-Title Page Tool Kit Regional

1100 Tool Kit Section 1 The Problem

1102 Myth v Reality In Depth Version

1103 Headlines from States









1200 Tool Kit Section 2 Educate

1201 Myth v Reality and You

1202 Myth v Reality Rights Benefits Community

1204 Resources – NEOGAP web

1205 Protect Yourself if You Sign A Lease

1207 How To Organize Information Meeting









1209 Flyer for Gasland Screening

1210 Flyer for Screening Split Estate

1211 Flyer for Expert Northrup Meeting

1212 Sign-In Sheet for Event

1214 Sample Letter To Editor & Lessons Learned

1215 Sample press release & messaging tips

1216 Fracking-halfsheet

1217 FinalNorthrupDVDInsert

1300 Section 3 Work With Local Officials

1301 Why Regulation Can’t Protect

1302 Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund Organizing

1303 Home Rule Do You Have It

1304 Tips On Passing Resolution Ordinance Campaign

1305 Bans and Moratoria

1306 Pittsburgh Ordinance

1307 Tompkins County Resolution

1400 Section 4 Take Back Local Control

1401 Challenge State Control

1500 Last Page

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