General, informational lectures about fracking and the dangers from scientists and experts in the field

Gas Well Problems (Shale and Urban Drilling)

Oil and Gas Well Movie Trailers

Former regulatory officials speak out

Attorneys discuss difficulties in suing large oil and gas companies

What you can do


General informational lectures about fracking and the dangers by scientists and experts in the field

Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, Professor at Cornell University, Hydraulic Rock Fracture Expert:

James Northrup, Former Atlantic Richfield Planning Manager and Independent Gas and Oil Producer:

Dr. Terry Engelder, Penn State (has much funding from the oil and gas industry) and Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, Cornell University, debate fracking.  – Dr. Ingraffea effectively rebuts each point that Dr. Engelder makes. (52 min.)

Siegel & Ingraffea Debate on Hydrofracking – NY. Prof. Anthony Ingraffea, Engineer fracture expert and Prof. Donald Siegel Hydrogeologist debate at SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY. [Intro. (9 min) / Dr. Siegel: (15 min) / Dr. Ingraffea: (15 min) / Q &A Part I : (40 min) / Q & A Part II (40 min)]

Hydrogeologist Paul Rubin discusses Achilles Heel of drilling, Failing cement casing. (15:45 min.)

Dr. Mark Durand. Professor of Engineering Geology, University of Quebec. – Why faults and well casing will bring up contamination. (16 min.)

Dr. Conrad Dan Volz, Former Director, Center for Healthy Communities, University of Pittsburg. - Siting, violations and wastewater problems. Health Concerns.

People’s Oil and Gas Summit Two-Day Conference - Conference held in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, November 19th-20th, 2010. Consists of 7 Panels (~15 min. Each):

  • Panel 1 - Health impacts from drilling, fracking, waste pits and gas production
  • Panel 2 - Community socio-economic impacts of natural gas development
  • Panel 3 - Strategies for reducing community and environmental impacts
  • Panel 4 - When the landman comes knocking – strategic options for individuals and communities
  • Panel 5 - Web-based tools for information sharing and documentation
  • Panel 6 - Citizen-based monitoring approaches
  • Panel 7 - Emerging issues related to natural gas and energy in the U.S.

Fracking in Poland – Excellent summary of fracking technology and risks, and the way the governments and corporations work together. (24 min.)


Gas Well Problems



Fracking Hell, the untold story – British documentary (18 min.)

Terrry Greenwood: Farm impacted by fracking. – Stillborn cows. (14 min.)

Inside Fracking: Numerous problems (10 min.)

Groundwater Contamination:

TIME Video: The Fuss Over Fracking: The Dilemma of a New Gas Boom (8 min.)

Unearthed: The Fracking Facade: The real facts and danger of fracking. (24 min.)

Trout Unlimited, Emerald Necklace Chapter - Gas Drilling Danger to Drinking Water (2 min.)

Family Says Marcellus Shale Drilling Contaminated Water - Connoquenessing Township family says its water has been contaminated by Marcellus Shale gas drilling near their home.

Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Contamination.  – Now, new evidence has emerged possibly linking natural gas drilling to groundwater contamination. ProPublica journalist Abrahm Lustgarten reports federal officials in Wyoming have found that at least three water wells contain chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. (10 min.)


Community Impacts: Truck Traffic, Forests and Parks destroyed

Pennsylvania Gas Well Truck Traffic - “A typical five minutes in rural Pennsylvania since hydro fracking gas well drilling had come to town.” (5 min.)

Tanker crashes into car and crushes 57-year-old driver of car - His 17 yr. old daughter escapes unharmed. Potentially toxic mud spills all over road and lawn of house next to road. (5 min.)


Health Problems: 

Dr. Theo Colborn, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange 

Testimony before the New York Assembly on health impacts:


Compressor Stations:

Reality of compressor stations. (5 min.)

Dominion Compressor Station Noise Problem – (4 min.)

East Ohio Dominion Natural Gas Compressor Station Noise Problems - Number 1, Number 2, and Number 3 (1-2 min. each)

Agriculture Concerns:

Carolyn Knapp and Carol French, Farmers - Speak Out About Gas Drilling problems with leases, farms, etc. (2 hr 25 min.)


Shocking story of ODNR’s incompetent and deceitful investigation of well water contamination after drilling. Mark Mangan and Vanessa Pesec (NEOGAP) – Part 1 (9 min.), Part 2 (9 min.), and Part 3 (9 min.)

Injection Wells:

Disposal Wells: A Solution for Marcellus Waste? – (Total length: 123 min) [Introduction: (approx. 4 min.); Bill Kappel, USGS,Water Resources Division: (approx. 11 min.); Rachel Treichler, Attorney from Hammondsport (approx. 12 min.); Dr. Tony Ingraffea, Cornell University Engineering Dept. (approx. 16 min.); Q & A: Part I: (approx. 31 min.) /Q & A: Part II: (approx. 24 min.) / Q & A: Part III: (approx. 25 min.)]

The Divide - A look at the water supply of Mansfield, Ohio and the threat posed to it by a proposed deep-injection well for fracking fluids. (3 min.)

Channel 5 Coverage of Youngstown Earthquakes - Investigation reveals increased seismic monitoring may have prevented some Youngstown earthquakes, explores link between injection wells and earthquakes.

Climate Change:

Marcellus Shale Gas and Global Warming: Developing Natural Gas in the Marcellus and other Shale Formations is likely to Aggravate Global Warming – E. Bob Howarth, Renee Santoro, Tony Ingraffea: Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and School of Civil Environmental Engineering, Cornell University. (58 min)


Fire Chief’s Concerns about Urban Gas Wells, Gates Mills OH (4 min.)

Neighborhood Gas Well Drilling Warning (5 min.)


Oil and Gas Well Movie Trailers

Gasland Trailer (2 min.)

Split Estate Trailer (3 min.)


Former regulatory officials speak out about lack of regulation

Former Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Secretary, Dr. Paul Templet. Regulatory concerns. (14 min.)


 Attorneys discuss difficulties in suing large oil and gas companies

John Carmouche, Amaco juror tampering. (12 min.)

Victor Marcello, Chevron Texaco Legacy Pits in Louisiana. (13 min.)


What you can do

Ohio Get FrACTive - This video was produced by Ohio Alliance for People and Environment and NEOGAP (Network for Oil and Gas Accountability and Protection). (27 min.)


How to fight fracking and win. - Two people making a difference (6 min.)



TIME Video: The Fuss Over Fracking: The Dilemma of a New Gas Boom

Leaked EPA Documents Expose Decades-Old Effort to Hide Dangers of Natural Gas Extraction

March 4, 2011- Watch video at original source:

Efforts by lawmakers and regulators to force the federal government to better police the natural gas drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” have been thwarted for the past 25 years, according to an exposé in the New York Times. Studies by scientists at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on fracking have been repeatedly narrowed in scope by superiors, and important findings have been removed under pressure from the industry. The news comes as the EPA is conducting a broad study of the risks of natural gas drilling with preliminary results scheduled to be delivered next year. Joining us is Walter Hang, president of Toxics Targeting, a firm that tracks environmental spills and releases across the country, based in Ithaca, New York, where fracking is currently taking place. [includes rush transcript]